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Top 100 Mopar Enthusiast Sites
Frequently Asked Questions & Help:
QuestionHow does the Top 100 Mopar Enthusiast Sites List work?
AnswerOur top site list is a cool way to bring free traffic to your mopar related page or site! Our visitors come here to find other mopar car and truck related sites on the web. The higher your site ranks on the list, the more visible it is, and the more traffic you'll receive. Ranking on the list is determined by the number of votes (hits) your site sends to the list. Our site tracks both hits coming in and going out by using a unique URL that is provided upon signup. (Click here for linking instructions) To keep things fair for all sites, the list is ranked on the number of votes for the current month only. (A grand total number of votes is also provided for reference). The list allows one vote per visitor every 24 hours. Plus we do not allow any automated or forced voting or any form of cheating.

QuestionWho can join the list and what are the requirements to join?

AnswerOnly Mopar Enthusiast related sites are allowed, including car and truck clubs, personal sites and pages. The list also allows business sites that provide parts or services for mopar enthusiasts. Our site/list is a family friendly site. We will not accept sites that contain nudity, or links to nudity. If you have questions about whether your site qualifies please contact us before signing up.

QuestionHow do I Join?
AnswerJoining is easy, just click on the join the top 100 Mopar Enthusiast in the navigation bar above or visit here. Simply fill out the required information and hit "submit" button. You will then be provided with a unique URL that will allow you to  start adding the voting links and/or banners to your site. Your site will be listed normally within an hour after the first vote is sent to the list. We suggest that you vote for your site to test the link.
QuestionI've just joined the list, how long before my site is listed?
AnswerYour site will be listed as soon as you send the list a visitor using the unique voting URL/Link provided upon signup. Please allow up to 1 hour for your site to show up, the list statistics are updated every hour.
QuestionHow can I improve my ranking on list?
AnswerGetting your visitors to vote for your site is the key. Use an image to link to the list and place it on prominent places on your site. Place the link on as many pages as you can. Using bigger images and positioning them at the top of your page is very effective. You can also use them in your site Banner Ad serving system.
QuestionHow do I get my reciprocal linking information?
AnswerPlease LOGIN to your account and then click on "Get Links & Banners" or visit the members banners page.
QuestionHow do I add the voting code to my page or site?
AnswerThe voting code is site specific and needs to be copied exactly in order to track your votes correctly. Click here for linking instructions. The only requirements for linking are that it must be obvious to your visitors that they are are clicking on a link to vote for your site. Tricking visitors into clicking is against the rules and will get your site removed. Acceptable links include any of our supplied member banners or buttons or text links like "Click here to vote for this site!" or "Vote for us at Top 100 Mopar Enthusiast Sites" or similar. A text link using just "MoparTopSites.com" is also acceptable.
QuestionMy site is not showing up, what should I do?
AnswerDouble check your linking/voting code. Use the code exactly as it was provided to you upon sign up. The list statistics are updated once every hour, so your votes won't show immediately. Plus, only one vote is registered per visitor every 24 hours.
QuestionCan I vote for my own site?
AnswerSure, but like normal visitors only one vote per every 24 hours counts.
QuestionWhy is my site not listed any more?
AnswerYour site must send at least one visitor to the Top Site List every month to remain listed. As soon as you send the list a visitor your site will be re-listed.
QuestionWhy is my sites banner not showing on list?
AnswerPlease LOG IN and check the URL of your banner image is correct. Please ensure its size is 468x60 pixels. Any banners containing nudity are removed and will not appear.
QuestionHow often is the list reset?

AnswerThe list is reset at the beginning of each month.


QuestionHow do you control cheating?

AnswerWe do not allow cheating in any form or way! Members caught cheating will be removed and banned from the list without notice. Examples of cheating include any automated or forced linking, using pop-ups to cast votes, blind or invisible links and more. Your visitors must know they are casting a vote for your site. The best way to accomplish this is to use one of the graphic or text links provided by the us. All votes must come from your site or page. You may not have other sites help you gain votes. You (or your site members) may not post your voting code on other sites or forums asking for votes. Member sites are not allowed to offer visitors any kind of incentive to vote. If you see a site on our list you think is cheating please contact us.


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